Web Site Steers You to Parking Bargains
Last Edited: Sunday, 20 Aug 2006, 2:21 PM EDT
Created: Sunday, 20 Aug 2006, 12:51 PM EDT
  It can cost a king's ransom to park your car in New York City. Or does it?
  NYCgarages.com is a new Web site that allows drivers to compare prices at garages and lots, and the results can be surprising.
  A lot of Fifth Avenue and 60th Street charges $28 dollars for up to an hour. However, a few blocks away, on 60th Street between Second and Third avenues, you'll shell out just $7 for a half hour.
  The $28 lot is run by the Imperial Garage Corp., and NYCgarages has dubbed this lot the Big Apple's priciest place to park.
   The founder of NYCgarages.com, Benjamin Sann, told Sunday's New York Daily News that said some parking companies go to great lengths to conceal their actual prices, even though they are required by law to display their rates.
NYCgarages.com is a new Web site that allows users to compare the cost of garages around Manhattan.
   They try to intimidate me, stop me from taking down the prices," Sann said. But Sann said he has found bargains. "If you look around a bit, there are places that are cheaper than an on-street parking meter," he said.

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