Fourth Avenue / Ninth Street
Sep 21

Prompt Parking - 829 Greenwood Ave. Lot

186 Prospect Park SW. Brooklyn, NY 11218
Self Park
Parking total:
Monthly Fee Details

Spaces at our garages are numbered, reserved and you will have 24-hour access to park and lock your vehicle.

This location requires an additional one-time fee of $68 to be paid onsite for the garage remote control. If the control is returned upon completion of your stay, $20 will be returned.

This monthly parking purchase requires at least a three-month commitment.

About This Facility
This parking lot is located between a seven-story beige and red brick apartment building on one side, and a fenced-in eight-story red and white brick building on the other side. The entrance for the lot is an incline up into the gate in the fence and then inside into the lot proper. Please look for the fenced-in parking lot, the two apartment buildings on either side and Prospect Park across the street.