Buffalo Niagara Convention Center
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About This Facility

This parking lot takes up the southeast part of its block; it is next to a two-story mocha-colored brick building to its north, and a few two to thee story brick buildings on its west side. The entrance is an incline into the lot proper; there is a blue-painted bus stop on one side of the entrance, while there is a yellow sign on a pole on the other side that reads "Park Allpro Parking" in blue, along with a yellow pay-box right next to it. Look for the Allpro Parking sign, the bus stop or the street signs for the E Mohawk St and Washington St intersection.

Please be certain to provide your plate number prior to or immediately after booking. You may be ticketed if you fail to do so.

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Sun 24 hours
RATED: 3.4 out of 5

How to Park