George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Today 11:30 PM - Apr 15 11:30 PM
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PreFlight Parking IAH

3100 Greens Rd. Houston, TX 77032
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Shuttle Details
To Airport
On demand
10 minute to 20 minute shuttle ride
For on demand service call: (281)442-5600
From Airport
On demand
10 minute to 20 minute shuttle ride
For on demand service call: (281)442-5600

Getting to the Terminal

Pull a ticket from the ticket dispenser (do not lose this ticket) and stop at the cashier booth. The cashier will give you a specific Self-Park row in which you will park. Please proceed to that row following the directional signs on the lot. You may park anywhere within the designated row. Please note, if you park in an area other than the row the cashier directed you to the shuttle may not be able to find you and your service will be delayed.

Please wait at your vehicle as one of our shuttle buses will pick you and your luggage up right at your vehicle within 5 - 7 minutes. Be sure to get a red & white locator slip from the driver. The red & white locator slip will have your parking space identified and directions on where to get picked up upon your return.

Returning to Your Car

Upon your return (we hope you had a great trip), and after you have collected your luggage proceed to the area dedicated for shuttle pick-up for your terminal. Please refer to your red & white slip for further directions. A PreFlight shuttle will arrive at this area within 5 - 7 minutes (for faster service between midnight and 8:00 AM, and at all times at Terminals D and E, call 281.442.5600). Please give your red & white slip to the driver. The driver will bring you back to your vehicle.

About This Facility
4.5out of 5
Convenient and well-run airport parking in Houston. Located near George Bush Intercontinental Airport with shuttle service and offers free luggage assistance. Be certain that you park in an area where the cashier has directed so that the shuttle will be able to find you and your service won't be delayed.
How to Park